Advice on looking good and staying good from Shula Rich

I’m anti anti aging. Logically an anti-aging cream is impossible. No cream can be ‘anti aging’ ( apart from embalming fluid) I want ‘look good’ stuff

When I look good I feel good. When I feel good then everything goes better.

I’m starting this blog now at 71. ( DOB 1947 )

For me there is no connection between the passing of time and a time when I have to stop looking good.

It does not not take expensive creams, rituals, and hours of exercise. just “natural beauty brains”

Intro to Natural Beauty Brains

Very little can really be age specific because age affects
me and you differently. eg – ‘in your twenties…’. ‘ in your fifties…’

Logically you and I will look different whatever our common age.

the image shows a claim that Pantene grows strong hair

Will I keep 96% of my hair if I use Pantene shampoo with bamboo infused mask?

I saw this shampoo ad yesterday on the London Underground.  On passing it looks like they’re saying I could get up to 96% less hair loss if I use Pantene

a perfect salad without everything I dont want

Eating Out – why is it so hard to order less?

Although people are now more used to individual food preferences, I still feel embarrassed if I want to order something just a bit different in a restaurant. My different is

to show that lives don't run out simply because you are 50 or 60

Lives don’t run out simply because you are 50 or 60

lives don’t run out simply because you are 50 or 60. I live my own life not through others

Why I don’t need to ‘walk off’ what I eat

At this time of the year, lots of stuff  is being published which calculates the amount of exercise needed to balance a portion of some food or drink. The suggestion is

Sun Spots - Emla anaesthetic cream

Sun Spots – Red Veins & White Heads

laser treatment for sun spots red veins and white heads can make them disappear

Smiling makes me a happier person

  Smiling makes me a happier person so I smile as much as I can – even on the computer (when I look up at the mirror and remember) When I

How to Avoid Tech Neck

Tech neck comes when I put my head down to look at my mobile. I’ve taken selfies under my chin when I’m looking down and there are rolls of chins.

My Olive Oil Facial

Why an olive oil facial ? People do comment I’ve a good skin and then say – ‘maybe I’ll get some olive oil for my face’ Its the second least

Why Olive Oil Beats Soap and Water

Olive oil can be used extravagantly without spending £100’s. As far as I can see over use has no environmental consequences unlike palm oil. I’ve not found that spending more

Do you want to look good or do you want to look younger?

A survey this week said that only 3 out of a 100 of us want to look younger. What 97 people out of 100 want, is to look good. Looking