Advice on looking good and staying good from Shula Rich

I’m anti anti aging. Logically an anti-aging cream is impossible. No cream can be ‘anti aging’ ( apart from embalming fluid) I want ‘look good’ stuff

When I look good I feel good. When I feel good then everything goes better.

I’m starting this blog now at 71. ( DOB 1947 )

For me there is no connection between the passing of time and a time when I have to stop looking good.

It does not not take expensive creams, rituals, and hours of exercise. just “natural beauty brains”

Ageing & Antiaging

Sun Spots - Emla anaesthetic cream

Sun Spots – Red Veins & White Heads

laser treatment for sun spots red veins and white heads can make them disappear

Smiling makes me a happier person

  Smiling makes me a happier person so I smile as much as I can – even on the computer (when I look up at the mirror and remember) When I

Do you want to look good or do you want to look younger?

A survey this week said that only 3 out of a 100 of us want to look younger. What 97 people out of 100 want, is to look good. Looking

Olive Oil

Olive oil keeps my skin good – I don’t wash

Olive oil on my face feels lovely, not taut, like it does after washing. It floats off dirt, like a luxury beauty treatment even tho’ I’m doing it to myself.