Advice on looking good and staying good from Shula Rich

I’m anti anti aging. Logically an anti-aging cream is impossible. No cream can be ‘anti aging’ ( apart from embalming fluid) I want ‘look good’ stuff

When I look good I feel good. When I feel good then everything goes better.

I’m starting this blog now at 71. ( DOB 1947 )

For me there is no connection between the passing of time and a time when I have to stop looking good.

It does not not take expensive creams, rituals, and hours of exercise. just “natural beauty brains”

What’s in this stuff ?

the image shows a claim that Pantene grows strong hair

Will I keep 96% of my hair if I use Pantene shampoo with bamboo infused mask?

I saw this shampoo ad yesterday on the London Underground.  On passing it looks like they’re saying I could get up to 96% less hair loss if I use Pantene

a perfect salad without everything I dont want

Eating Out – why is it so hard to order less?

Although people are now more used to individual food preferences, I still feel embarrassed if I want to order something just a bit different in a restaurant. My different is