How to Avoid Tech Neck

Tech neck comes when I put my head down to look at my mobile. I’ve taken selfies under my chin when I’m looking down and there are rolls of chins.

There are also downward lines from my mouth, and hangy, naso labial folds.

If I didn’t know I was looking at my phone, the expression that I see in my underchin selfie is just disapproval. You know the expression ‘looking down your nose’  at people ?

That describes disapproval. It also  describes my underchin selfie of myself on the phone – that’s tech neck

I look round the train – most people are on  lap-tops or mobiles. Faces, mouths and chins all looking down.  I’ve seen people who use computers a lot in the wrong position. Their faces look miserable although they are happy lovely people to talk to.

I first became conscious of this when my beautician (OK – yes I have facials) said:’Do you look down to the left a lot ? you’re getting droopy folds one side of your face’. It was true and I’ve  stopped.  Anti droopy folds are a big incentive!

At my desk I’ve placed a mirror to remind me about droopy folds and tech neck, so I can see myself making them and stop.

Below: a picture of me taking a picture of my desk reminder mirror. It must be effective as other  people who use my desk put it away !

woman using a desk mirror to avoid tech neck

How to use a desk mirror to avoid tech neck