Intro to Natural Beauty Brains

Very little can really be age specific because age affects
me and you differently. eg – ‘in your twenties…’. ‘ in your fifties…’

Logically you and I will look different whatever our common age

There’s a journal of ‘Age Culture and Humanities’.
Its worth looking at –

Reading it has crystallised my thoughts on the meaning behind remarks like

‘Aren’t you a bit old for that ?’ Or ‘….At your age ?’

If said kindly, it really means ‘ That doesn’t suit you ‘

Fine, if I’ve asked you – I’m glad you trust me enough to give me your opinion and
know I’ll still be your friend.

But if its meant to keep me in my place and in elasticated waists.
I’ve figured it out.

If I like it – I’ll wear it. whether I got it in Evans or Pineapple 

Observing a person is dressed outside their age group
particularly keeps older women ‘under’