My Olive Oil Facial

Why an olive oil facial ? People do comment I’ve a good skin and then say – ‘maybe I’ll get some olive oil for my face’ Its the second least comedogenic oil there is. The first is castor oil.

Comedogenic means it doesn’t clog my pores up. So olive oil is good stuff for the face

I’ve tried castor oil. Its very thick. Its supposed to help grow hair though. I do use it to remove eyebrow make up before putting on the minoxidil. Its an insurance. It might work. I rub the oil backwards and forwards over my eyebrows. They stick up ready for the minoxidil to sink in.

I think part of the reason that I lost my eyebrows ( back now!) is that I never cared for them – no stimulation. Kitchen towelling and castor oil prepare for the minoxidil and make sure the hairs are disrupted.

I’ve found that all the facial things I’ve used apart from olive oil and kitchen towels are drying if they’re taken off with water or leave my skin greasy if they aren’t.

Olive oil does nothing like that and kitchen towels are very stimulating.