Olive Oil

Olive oil keeps my skin good – I don’t wash

Olive oil on my face feels lovely, not taut, like it does after washing. It floats off dirt, like a luxury beauty treatment even tho I’m doing it to myself.

Last week in Waitrose a man by the olive oil stand, actually asked me what oil he should buy.

“It says on the bottle what its for so you just have to choose the right bottle.”

He asked what oil I was buying. I told him :
“I don’t use it for cooking I wash in it. Olive oil on my face feels lovely”

He said I’d such a lovely skin he’d buy some and use it for his skin too.

Here’s what I’ve done for several years to cleanse with olive oil…

Olive Oil washing in two steps

(1) I smooth plenty of oil over my face and neck. Also the decolettage which gets creapy. This also feels lovely

(2) I take it off with a kitchen towel. The towel is folded over my hand like a paper mitten. The  paper absorbs the oil and removes dirt. As the towel is a bit rough it’s also exfoliating and stimulating.

If I’ve been on a train, or out in London for example my skin is much dirtier than in Brighton. In Brighton I only need to clean once and the paper is clear of dirt. If there is any dirt on the paper I clean again until the paper is clear – that’s just how accurate this method is.

Choice of oil

Any oil will work but the very cheap ones ( like £1.60 –  Happy Shopper oil) can smell a bit strong

I was so cheered by the compliment on my skin that last week I chose the most expensive bottle I could find -£17.00

It seems Waitrose sell it so rarely that the check out lady actually guessed

“That’s not for cooking is it ?”

It turns out that she also washes in olive oil and feels lovely too.